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The decade-long journey to becoming Assurant Labs

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Assurant Labs got its start helping people find their lost device.

Originally founded as Mobile Defense, the team built the first Android security application in 2007. The driving concept was to build fast, measure often, and improve through iteration.

This helped build an agile culture of innovation, providing users with cutting-edge products to vastly improve their mobile experience.


Assurant and Mobile Defense began their partnership.

Assurant (AIZ), whose purpose is to help people protect what matters most to them through insurance, noticed Mobile Defense for its leading Android security technology.

This partnership began pairing Mobile Defense’s mobile application with Assurant's data protection plans to seamlessly improve customers’ mobile experience.


Assurant acquired Mobile Defense, now known as Assurant Labs.

“Labs” exemplifies the startup culture of innovation and quick iteration instilled in the Cleveland, Ohio based team.

As a proud part of Assurant, since May 2016, Assurant Labs’ protection and care technology reaches more than 24 Million users in over 150 countries.

A leader in security, the Assurant Labs team has grown to embrace other areas of connected living, innovating to enhance device ownership with products such as trade-in solutions and live premium technical support. As part of a Fortune 500 company, the Cleveland team is able to move even faster in order to support continued domestic and international growth.