Software Engineer

Create web & mobile applications with an engaging, dynamic user experience

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Assurant Labs is looking for a thoughtful, adaptive individual with a growth mindset to join our growing team as a Software Engineer.

In this role, you will work closely with a small product team to create web and mobile client applications to serve customers with an engaging, dynamic user experience. We have seen people thrive in this role from a variety of backgrounds, but we work in React and React Native, so JavaScript and native development experience are both a plus.

Responsibilities include solving problems, experimenting, and building features that we measure for value to our users. Candidates must have strong communication skills, the ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently, sound judgment, and the ability to be productive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

  • Daily contributions to the Pocket Geek Platform by:
    1. writing code, unit tests, and integration tests
    2. creating and maintaining documentation pertaining to code and engineering processes
    3. identifying a problem, troubleshooting, and diagnosing an issue
  • Work in a collaborative environment by:
    1. pair and/or mob programming
    2. communicating with Engineering Managers to track platform-level work
    3. communicating with Product Owners to share implementation status, roadblocks, and bright ideas
  • Work in a cadence of two week sprints with daily stand-ups and bi-weekly retrospectives
  • Grow subject matter expertise in programming, product, and platform
  • Demonstrate success by maintaining high work standards
  • Ability to demonstrate technical know-how through individual contributions, pair programming exercises, and architectural designs
  • Familiar with object-oriented best practices
  • Attention to detail, specifically regarding requirements and programming guidelines
  • Ability to reason with and adapt to evolving development tasks and priorities
  • Create and maintain rapport with team members
  • Create and maintain professionalism with those inside and outside the office
  • Experience working with third party developer tools, such as SDKs and APIs
  • A continuous learning mindset that keeps you current on development best practices and trends
  • Excellent communication
  • Desire for a deep technical understanding for the problems at hand
  • Ability to balance trade-offs between speed and quality based on business priorities
  • Prefer experience with React or React Native