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Who We Are

Assurant Labs is a fast-paced, agile development shop where creativity and teamwork are paramount.

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Our code can be found in several places throughout the app marketplaces. Check out our flagship app and discover what we have to offer.

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Technology & Data

Innovation is at the core of what we do. We use the latest and greatest technologies to help us solve our problems in the smartest way possible.

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Design & User Testing

We care a lot about our users—so we make sure we build products our users need and want. We do this by extensive user testing and research before we start building anything.

Explore some Nielsen Norman Group research methods we use:

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Career Opportunities

All positions are based out of our Cleveland, Ohio offices. Local applicants and those willing to relocate are preferred. However, exceptions will be made for outstanding candidates.

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Assurant Labs Blog

We’re always experimenting with new tech and novel ways to build superior products. Check out what’s on our minds at our Blog:

Cache Expiration in Apollo GraphQL using React Hooks
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Cache Expiration in Apollo GraphQL using React Hooks

A tip for refreshing content periodically in a React Native app.

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A Mobile Developer's Case for Using GraphQL

A Mobile Developer's Case for Using GraphQL

A mobile app developer's perspective on GraphQL.

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Getting Started With React Native
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Getting Started With React Native

An overview of what we use to ramp up new developers on React Native.

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